What does your heart long for most this upcoming year? 

The yoga tradition offers a beautiful and profound formula for realizing your heartfelt desires – without asking you to change who you are. It is the practice of Sankalpa.

“SAN” refers to a connection with your highest truth. “KALPA”  means vow.

Sankalpa  means, a vow, commitment and resolve you make to support your highest truth

It becomes a statement you call upon to connect you to your inner knowing and help guide your choices to ensure you stay aligned with your heart and toward your greater goals. 

The practice starts from the grounded truth that you are already enough and who you need to be to fulfill your life’s path.  From there you will take your time to journey through four weeks of teaching, practice and self-reflection exploring and realizing your Sankalpa.

This vow becomes the force that brings your thoughts, choices and actions into alignment with our True Nature – empowering your ability to act while lessening your resistances, uncertainties and fear. 

This is a journey without rushing or urgency infused with a sense of ease, trust and curiosity.

Your Sankalpa is a vow to your Highest Self and is waiting for you to discover, one step at a time.

Our true power doesn’t come from pushing and striving, it comes from getting still and connected. ~Lynsie

Week 1: Purification

Breath and meditation clear the physical and energetic body so that you can connect to inner wisdom and create fertile ground to plant the seed of your Sankalpa.

Week 2: Heal

Through sacred rest, you deeply nourish and heal your body, clear the mind of stress, doubt, and fear and create space to hear the messages of your heart.  

Week 3: Transform

Discover, unearth and dissolve the barriers to achieving your Sankalpa and move towards your goals, without wavering.

Week 4: Thrive

Strengthen focus, connection to your heartfelt desires, and the ability to channel the divine energy within. 

Create your Sankalpa, plant it into the abode of your heart, and build the fire that will sustain you throughout the year.

Practices Include:

  • Lecture / Teachings

  • Gentle Asana

  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)

  • Meditation & Kriya Yoga Nidra (sacred sleep)

  • Journaling

  • Recordings of all Zoom calls & practices

  • A Sankalpa Yoga Nidra recording to activate your intention

Connect to the power of setting divine intentions with guidance and support.

Cultivate a spiritual connection to always feel aligned, held and nourished.

Live with certainty, faith, positivity, freedom and confidence.

Learn the step-by-step formula to bring your thoughts, choices and actions into alignment with our True Nature.

Dissolve internal blocks and be transformed. Empower your ability to act while lessening your uncertainty, doubt and fear.

Activate your power to attract and manifest with greater ease, joy and clarity in less time.

Never feel alone. Cultivate a rich connection to Self, inner wisdom and community.

What You'll Need

  • A quiet space to drop in without distraction

  • Yoga mat

  • Yoga Nidra props - bolsters / pillows / blankets / lightweight eye covering

  • A journal or paper and pen

  • Internet connection & access to Zoom

Take the

4-week journey


Yoga Nidra for Sleep

The importance of sleep cannot be understated. It is essential for the overall health and longevity of our bodies and clarity of mind. However, few of us get the recommended full 8 hours.

Yoga nidra is sacred rest that deeply restores the body, clears the mind, and aligns you to the part that is always calm, steady, and at ease.

Enjoy this yoga nidra specifically to support a more restful night's sleep and awaken refreshed, enlivened, and restored.

We gather online Thursdays, 4:30 - 6:30 pm EST

February 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd

Got a question…?

If you cannot attend a session, it will be recorded and yours to keep.

Take the full 4-week journey with a group of amazing people!

The more you show up for yourself, participate the more you will experience amazing shifts within you and your life.

Not to worry. We have a split pay option you can see on the checkout.

What other women are saying...

Lynsie helped me clarify what was missing in my life: spiritual connection and self-nurturance. I found that the commitment was not only completely doable, but it made me realize how little time I dedicated to myself.

This was exactly the space that I needed to do the work of transformation. I had never experienced such a sacred space or realized the power that we hold collectively. Today I am continuing on my journey, now clearly grounded with a vision and purpose that aligns with my inner goddess!

~Megan B.

Working with Lynsie has opened up connections to my heart, emotions and a spiritual realm that I have not been able to access for as long as I can remember. Both times I participated in her seminars I felt immense personal growth. I have been given the tools to help me remain grounded and steady no matter what I’m going through, and I encounter change with enthusiasm and courage rather than fear.

Lynsie is an ally who makes me feel validated and supported along my path. She approaches her work with diligence, compassion, and energy, and makes her clients feel like they are seen and heard, and are in such capable hands no matter where they are on their journey.

~C. A.

In my 12 year mental health and spiritual journey, I can say without a doubt that Lynsie McKeown has been one of the greatest blessings I have received, and continue to.

It is hard to describe the gem that is Lynsie, and the incredible work she does as a yoga and meditation teacher, intuitive healer, spiritual guide, and energy worker. If you are committed to your healing and transformation, and ready to do the work, Lynsie is the person to go to,

~Zawadi Nyong'o

Lynsie's breadth of knowledge and spiritual wisdom is inspiring, thought provoking and challenging, in the best of ways. Her harmonious voice and holistic approach to coaching and teaching have given me the courage and tools I need to go deep, to heal, to ask for more and to live my best and most joyous life.

She is a poised and powerful woman and her expertise has been an invaluable force for transformation in my life.

~Elizabeth Erickson

Meet Your Guide, Lynsie

"Living up to your highest potential comes naturally when you are aligned with the Divine"

Lynsie's mission is simple and clear... to empower women to be in tune with their divinity and create lives filled with purpose, joy and confidence.

Lynsie is a Spiritual Women Empowerment Coach, a lineage Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a certified Neuroencoding Specialist, TedX Speaker and live Radio Show Host of

Women Thriving, Unapologetically.

With over 17 years of personal inner work and spiritual growth combined with more than 14 years of professional experience in the healing and transformative modalities, Lynsie weaves an intricate web of compassionate and insightful support that enables women to honor their unique pace of healing and transformation, so that they move in sacred flow with the divine becoming an expression of the innate joy, beauty, ease, and freedom that resides within.

She leads powerful, transformative mentorship programs for women who want to experience the freedom and abundance that comes from diving deeply into the sacred abode of the heart.